Treatment Process Pest Control In Doha Qatar


One of the most important question we are asked most often from customers: how do you provide pest control treatment and removal?

MCT Pest Control operates under the highest standards of customer service and we do everything we can to provide reliable, dependable, on-time pest control services for homes and businesses.

MCT Pest Control Treatment Process


As per the schedule service, the first step that our trained pest control staff will do is a detail inspection. A thorough inspection might even reveal pests you are not aware of. Ongoing monitoring will determine the level of infestation and the type of pest present.
In this inspection our pest control staff will be looking for:

  • Signs of pests inside your home, such as fecal matter, dead bugs, and markings on windowsills.
  • Points of entry via cracks, windows, and cracks under doors
  • Anything that will attract unwanted bugs

  • During the process, the team may also ask you a series of questions to learn about any pests you have seen indoors to help identify any other potential problems.


Whether an insect, animal, or weed MCT Professionals are trained to identify all types of unwanted pests. Identification makes controlling it easier and more effective. Our staff is well trained to identify the Pest Type. Infestation Level along with Contributing Factors.

At this time, we will also discuss our treatment plans, including treatment types, and frequency. We will also learn more about you and your family, and whether you have children and/or pets, so that we can suggest the best form of treatment for your situation. Based on this, we will then be able to provide the best treatment plan.

Proper care is taken to ensure that quality service is provided. A number of variables are taken into consideration before action is taken and possible outcomes are discussed.


Different pests require different treatment methods and several methods may be being utilized to achieve proper control. At the conclusion of your services you will be provided with an accurate, up-to-date details of all findings and chemical applications.

We will treat your space, based on our discussion and the treatment plan. We use Best of Methods and Approved Insecticides which are as per the best of Quality Standards and Safety.

After we provide a treatment, we will make sure that the treatments are effective and that you are satisfied with the services you’ve received. We are happy to work with you to schedule Complaint visits and do further treatments as needed.

Your complete pest control solution

MCT pest control stands by our services with dependable methods of pest treatment. Plus, since we guarantee satisfaction, you can rest assured that we will do the best job possible for you.

We aim to provide the most effective pest solution for your situation and are always ready to assist if there are problems down the road. We offer complete treatment and prevention services and can even provide a Year- Round Pest Protection Plan for added protection.