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Droppings are unsightly on a residence or a corporate office, and in warehouses can cause very serious economic loss due to contamination of the stored product. The droppings are also acidic and can damage masonry, as well as transfer diseases such as Histoplasmosis to you and your loved ones. Their nesting also blocks apertures such as gutters that can lead to flooding, and act as a harborage for parasitic insects such as bird mites

MCT Bird Control Solutions

At MCT pest control, We supply wide range of effective bird proofing Products which will offer you unobtrusive ways of dispersing pest bird populations safely and discreetly.

Bird Spikes

Using bird spikes, provided by MCT can offer an immediate and effective solution to rid an area of pest bird species. Our bird control specialists will be able to recommend whether this is the best solution for your individual situation.

Benefits of our Bird Spike Deterrents

Discreet - offers an effective and barely visible control method to keep your property in prime condition and protect your staff and clients. Materials guarantee - our bird deterrent products are offered with Best Quality to help you enjoy peace of mind into the future too. Cost-effective - this method offers long-term value bird control for your business, saving on cleaning and maintenance bills.

How it Works

This remarkably effective system consists of stainless-steel springs and wires. Wires are tightly fixed between stainless steel pillars. Spikes can be fitted to most outside surfaces, preventing problems associated with birds landing on ledges and leaving unsightly, hazardous droppings.