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Qatar pest control solutions for IT, ITES & Office spaces ,Doha
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The Complete Protection for Your Workplace

Pests in and around the office premises can root great anguish for all concerned employees. Particularly in tropics and sub tropics regions pests like mosquitoes pretense the additional health risk of Dengue, Malaria & Chikungunya. Rodents such as rat and mice can pose damage to electronic fittings and stock with computer equipment and cables. Particularly cables are at high risk of being gnawed by the rats. Therefore an office premises must be protected from the risk of pest problems.

Provide your employees a hygienic, healthy and stress free work environment with Al Asriya so that their efficiency does not get hampered by the persistence of pests.

For a network of premises, we incorporate a single service agreement with a key account manager to coordinate service delivery across your offices while each individual site will still have its links to their local technicians and surveyors.