What’s the Best Way to Disinfect Your Home/Office? How to proceed for Home and Office Disinfection Service During Coronavirus

As the world ramps up its self-protection measures against coronavirus, we have all seen the advice for washing our hands for 20 seconds, but there are also important considerations when it comes to keeping your living spaces free of coronavirus germs. Since the illness is transmitted via airborne droplets that can stay viable for at least several hours or possibly much longer, it is important to decontaminate any surfaces where such droplets could land.

Disinfection is very important process to eliminate the pathogens, either you can follow the specific things yourself or take the help of Disinfection Services Professional company.

High-touch surfaces to worry about include: doorknobs, fridge/freezer/microwave handles, backs of chairs, tables and desks, countertops, light switches, toilets and sink fixtures, remote controls, other electronic devices and toys.

Here are some other specific things to keep in mind:


  • The kitchen, or any area where food is prepped or consumed, is one of the best places for germs to hang around. There are so many surfaces you have to touch, often as a matter of habit, that you can easily overlook places to keep disinfected even if you have the best of intentions.
  • Some of the obvious places are the fridge and freezer doors, but don’t forget about the shelves on the inside and the handles of vegetable drawers.
  • Silverware: It isn’t just the knives and forks, but the silverware drawer that your fingers brush up against (or you breath over while the drawer is open) that you should take care to disinfect frequently.
  • If you use reusable grocery bags, it can’t hurt to soak them in the sink with hot soapy water after you’ve put all the groceries away.


  • Damp towels may be an excellent site for coronavirus droplets to stay alive longer than if they had landed on a hard surface. During this time of abundant caution, it makes sense to wash towels more frequently and, if possible, to only use hand towels once when drying your hands (or perhaps everyone has their own dedicated hand towel to use for hand drying).
  • Don’t forget about disinfecting handles and fixtures for places like the medicine cabinet, drawer and window latches, or other overlooked items like bath mats and soap dishes.


  • This is where many items from our normal day end up, possibly contaminating each other before being used again. Wash pillowcases more frequently since that is where airborne droplets will occur the most and empty the trash can daily (especially if it doesn’t have a cover) to eliminate places where germs can congregate.
  • Don’t forget about the switches for bedside lamps, handles on drawers, curtain pulls or television remote controls.


  • Any laundry that could have coronavirus germs should be handled with disposable gloves. And, since coronavirus is transmitted through airborne droplets, take care not to shake the laundry (such as is when placing it in the washing machine). If you don’t have enough disposable gloves then dedicate reusable gloves to coronavirus cleaning and use those for touching laundry.
  • Wash laundry in as warm a water as possible to aid in killing the germs and make sure they are throughly dried in a dryer before using.
  • Instead of collecting laundry in a non-disposable hamper, use a trash bag or liner that can be laundered to prevent germs from lingering in the home.
  • Other wearables besides clothes need to be considered. Watches, jewelry, gloves and shoes are all likely to come in to contact with germs. Spraying your shoes—especially the tops and laces—with disinfectant and wiping your jewelry with a cloth that has an effective but non-abrasive cleaning solution will help prevent germs.

Electronic devices

  • Rubbing alcohol (or “surgical spirit” as it is called in the United Kingdom) is a way to disinfect device surfaces without risking water damage. It evaporates quickly enough that if you wipe it on a device with a cloth or paper towel, there isn’t enough time for it to migrate into the cracks and openings of a device and cause internal damage.
  • Be warned: Over time, regular cloths like paper towels and dish cloths can be too abrasive for phone screens, so if you have microfiber cloth, use that instead.


  •  Office tables chairs, desks should be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants, specially the door knobs, computers, pantry areas and Washrooms. Since the number of staffs moving is more the place need to be cleaned on regular intervals. The reception area needs to be focused on regular intervals.

Disinfection Services Company

Disinfection Services companies are professional service companies who uses professional techniques to thoroughly help in deep disinfection, using modern Techniques and Equipment’s. The help in thoroughly disinfecting your places including high touch areas and hidden areas.

Ulv Electrostatic sprayers and EPA registered biocides disinfectant eliminates hardest pathogens causing viruses and bacteria. Their services can be used for Commercial Offices, warehouses and large malls and even houses.

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